• We buy Loads of post-industrial plastic all across the United States

Recycling Services


Plastic Recycling

We Recycle Post-Industrial Plastic Scrap

Our company is one of the biggest Post-Industrial Plastic Scrap Recycler in the U.S. moving hundreds of truckloads annually.

Founded 23 Years Ago

First Online since 1996

Domestic and Global Markets

Operating all across the U.S.

Recycling Services For Your Business

Since becoming the first plastic recycling business to establish an online presence in 1996, we have worked hard to remain at the forefront of our industry by offering a consistently high level of service and accessibility.

Global Scope

We have built relationships with companies around the world, giving us a wide range of domestic and export capabilities enabling us to access markets where we can get value for recycled scrap. We are Plastic Brokers and Suppliers.

If you have distressed material in truckload quantities we are the company you are looking for as we are interested in purchasing it and put it to a recycle process.

Waste Streaming

Waste Stream Solutions

We will move your scrap for recycle anywhere in South Florida to our facilities or we pick up truck loads of material in the U.S. doing it quickly on a short notice but most importantly in a very effective manner.

If your factory line leaves a lot of post-industrial plastic scrap and you are looking to free up space we can arrange a set of pick ups and put it on our pick up schedule creating a constant waste stream solution.


We take care of all logistics associated with the transportation of your material operating local pick ups in South Florida in Straight Trucks as well as 53′ Dry Van Trailer Trucks.

If the material is available anywhere in the U.S. we would send a 53′ Trailer or a 40 HC container which are operated by reputable carriers. We do all the paperwork all you have to do is load our trucks and follow a very simple loading policy.

Plastics Marketplace

We’ve created the Plastics Marketplace which is the ideal place were you can list your load no matter what it is or the specs and you’ll find a buyer or someone interested. Make sure to join and list your available material as our website traffic has a lot of potential customers.